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Paten Park Native Nursery

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1.  Species Description
SpeciesName.doc (774KB)
Species Description full list

2.  Plants by Suburb
Brisbane Suburb Plant Index.pdf (1.35MB)

3.  Nectar/Pollen Ground cover
01-nectar-01-ground.gif (114KB)

4.  Nectar/Pollen Low shrubs to 3m
01-nectar-02-low.gif (553KB)

5.  Nectar/Pollen Shrubs to 7m
01-nectar-03-shrubs.gif (366KB)

6.  Nectar/Pollen Small trees to 12m
01-nectar-04-small.gif (349KB)

7.  Nectar/Pollen Large trees over 12m
01-nectar-05-large.gif (816KB)

8.  Fruit/berry - Twiners, scramlbers, climbers, vines, ground covers
02-fruit-01-twiner.gif (271KB)

9.  Fruit/berry - Low shrubs to 3m
02-fruit-02-low.gif (91KB)

10.  Fruit/berry - Shrubs to 7m
02-fruit-03-shrub.gif (300KB)

11.  Fruit/berry - - Small trees to 12m
02-fruit-04-small.gif (598KB)

12.  Fruit/berry - Large tree to 12m
02-fruit-05-large.gif (389KB)

13.  Seeds of fruit/pods - Ground cover
03-seed-01-ground.gif (76KB)

14.  Seeds of fruit/pods - Low shrubs to 3m
03-seed-02-low.gif (251KB)

15.  Seeds of fruit/pods - Shrubs to 7m
03-seed-03-shrubs.gif (122KB)

16.  Seeds of fruit/pods - Small trees to 12m
03-seed-04-small.gif (154KB)

17.  Seeds of fruit/pods - Large trees over 12m
03-seed-05-large.gif (331KB)

18.  Grass seeds - Grass Seeds
04-grass-01-grass-seeds.gif (49KB)

19.  Insect - Ground cover
05-insect-01-ground.gif (96KB)

20.  Insect - Low shrubs to 3m
05-insect-02-low.gif (495KB)

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