Paten Park Native Nursery - 57 Paten Road, Paten Park, The Gap, QLD 4061
Paten Park Native Nursery

Pictures from the Nursery

Here are some photos of plants and people round our very green place.

Mulga Fern

A huge range of Native Plants
Our range includes the hardiest, the most popular, the most obscure and the most wonderful. Our catalogue increases every week as seed collectors...

A pleasant green place
Tucked away in The Gap, the nursery is a green hideaway.

kids at the nursery

All Ages
It's a great place for kids to learn.

A gathering time
Morning tea gets people together chatting.

plant label

You can learn about suitable plants from the comprehensive plant labels


Experts in their element
Here we have the volunteers creating stock for you to choose from.


Impressive display
This picture (of less than an eighth of our area) shows our vast range.

information handouts

We have plenty of handouts to help you decide and helpers to sort out the finer points.

Men at work
And enjoying it.

Morning tea
Hard work deserves a reward.

shade and sun

Shade and sun
Even though the space we have is not vast, we have created all sorts of environments in which plants of different types can flourish.


The knowledge shed
The shed is where the action is.


Try something different
You'll notice our plants are not only healthy, interesting and appropriate_ they are also cheap.


There's always something to do and you can do anything, as long as it's fun. We enjoy creating our enormous variety of plants. And it's a pleasure to...