Paten Park Native Nursery - 57 Paten Road, Paten Park, The Gap, QLD 4061
Paten Park Native Nursery

About us

Located 10 kilometres from the heart of Brisbane PPNN stocks over 50,000, plants and ismore than just a place to buy from our selection of 300 species.It is a tranquil, natural hide-away where informed volunteers can provide technical advice about South East Queensland native vegetation. The nursery can supply plants and fact sheets for many purposes:

Brisbane suburbs species
Bird attracting plants
Frog attracting plants
Bush tucker
Butterfly hosts
Koala food plants
Rainforest gardens
Wetlands plants


Twahamwe Cottage, Paten Park has been home to a native nursery since 1989. Men of The Trees (MoTT) first used it as a base for holding plants for their revegetation projects. Since that time, and under the astute stewardship of each of its custodians, the nursery has evolved into what it is today a highly regarded producer of a comprehensive range of quality native plants.

Paten Park Native Nursery (PPNN) was formed in 2015 as a not-for-profit community nursery by the staff and volunteers of the Greening Australia nursery following its closure in 2014. It was felt too many people had invested too much over the previous 26 years to see the nursery close.

The infrastructure, the expertise and, most importantly, the motivation to ensure the survival of a nursery dedicated to showcasing the exuberance, resilience and extraordinary beauty of the native plants of South East Queensland was still here. All that was needed was the willingness to have a go, and that is exactly what we did.